Elite Hockey Camp Sweden.

We started our business in 2014 in Oskarshamn. There we have been for 3 years and have been camping. In the summer of 2017 we moved everything down to Malmö Ice Stadium. The first year was a successful summer with lots of new participants who chose to visit us because it has become a little bit easier to get to the camp in Malmö. We have players from 16 different nations and we are really proud of that. We are now going to work out a longer solution with Malmö to set us up and grow as a camp. We are working hard to develop ourselves so that we can be a leader in hockey. JT Physical (Johan Törnkvist) is our gym / fitness coach who today runs his own gym in the Jönköping area. Johan loves ice hockey and is very interested in developing our hockey players.

We are doing elite activities with it, meaning we have tough schedules that require a lot of participants both for the sake of purpose but also for the fit. We do not only seek Elite players but the name we chose to show weight in our business which we mean is important today as ice hockey has become more demanding and more detailed. We work hard with the players during the camp and hence we chose the name. Players looking for us are players who want a little more of the training and prepare for the coming season.

Players from...


That we offer the players a complete ice hockey program and help the players with detailed training. We want to help players take the next step in their careers and provide them with tools to work on.